NuAire NU5841 Direct Heat IR CO2/O2 incubator ES (energy Saver) with Dual Sterilization Cycle and RH control






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NuAire NU5841 Direct Heat IR CO2/O2 incubator ES (energy Saver) with Dual Sterilization Cycle and RH control

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Hypoxic Zirconia Ceramic O2 Sensor Control

A maintenance-free ZirconiaO2 ceramic sensor provides improved accuracy and lower range hypoxic control by displacement with nitrogen.

Example Studies:

•Stem Cell Research – Suppressed oxygen environment provides control in stem cel ldifferentiation to maintain full pluripotency of cell lines.

O2 Range: 0.5 to 21%

O2 Accuracy: ± 0.25%

Relative Humidity (RH) Control

A RH sensor continuously samples chamber humidity levels to monitor and control the humidity set point. If the system senses any variation in humidity, vapor is injected into the chamber by a water reservoir located underneath the chamber.

Dual Sterilization Cycles

Easily accessible through the NuTouch Intelligent Interface, In-VitroCell offers 145°C high heat sterilization and a 95°C humidified decontamination cycles as a preventative measures and to eradicate contamination in the growth chamber. On screen instructions read users through the process. A timer function is available to delay the sterilization process for an overnight procedure.

NuTouch Intellgient Interface

A microcomputer and color touchscreen allows users to maintain the CO₂ Incubator growth chamber with the touch of a finger. Designed for high user adoption, NuTouch utilizes familiar icons and text allowing users to easily control chamber parameters. Onscreen descriptions and step-by-step directions are available for icons or operations that may not be familiar. NuTouch monitors the incubator at all times and informs users with status indicators, alarm menus, and maintenance reminders while the incubator is in operation. An onscreen historical performance monitor is available to view any large variations in gas or temperature. Service settings and diagnostic controls are offered for service personnel.

Infrared (IR) Sensor

A microprocessor-based, non-dispersive, single source dual wave infrared (IR) sensor monitors and controls CO₂ levels inside the growth chamber. Wavelengths are only absorbed by CO2 making measurement insensitive to other components, such as water vapor. The stable IR sensor has a controlled range of 0.1 to 20% accurate within 0.1%.

Constant Contamination Control (C3)

Closed Loop HEPA Filtration

A maintenance free air pump continuously draws environmental samples from two locations inside the chamber and passes the sample through a 99.99% HEPA filter before entering the sensor bay to measure gas. The IR sensor measures CO₂ gas levels from the sample to monitor before injecting back into the growth chamber. The NuTouch Electronic Control system will then determine the appropriate course of action to maintain chamber set-point conditions by placing the system on standby or injecting 99.99% HEPA filtered CO2 gas or air into the growth environment.

ISO Class 5 Cleanroom Conditions

Based on clean room technology, In-VitroCell maintains the growth chamber at positive pressure similar to an ISO Class 5 Clean room to slow airflow to minimize desiccation. Anytime the chamber door is open to the laboratory environment, clean HEPA filtered will be forced out instead of contaminated lab air being drawn in.

Temperature Uniformity

The chamber walls are surrounded by five (5) heating elements to control temperature. A door heater is separately controlled to minimize condensation on the inner chamber door. The heating elements are wrapped in a high density R5 insulation to maintain temperature integrity. Dual temperature sensor probes monitor and control temperature set points to ensure consistency and uniformity throughout the chamber.