Gekoelde incubator Snake Eco Series 430 liter





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Gekoelde incubator Snake Eco Series 430 liter

artnr: ZHZXSDB1430

The newly released cooled incubators of the “Snake” Economic series from Labwit are designed to meet a

variety of advanced experimental needs, ranging from BOD determination to incubation of micro organism

cultures, preservation of samples, Drosophila incubation and determination of enzymatic activities. All these

applications require precise and constant temperature control. Each of the four models has a wide

temperature range from 4°C to 65 °C and can be operated at a single user defined temperature, but can also

be programmed with up to 9 different temperature segments within a time frame. (18 steps).

The (cooling) compressor runs continues and the control is done through a solenoid valve for more precise temperature control if lower than ambient temperatures are required.

Snake incubators also feature a back-up program that in case of power failure, the stored parameters remains into the memory of the microprocessor. Your experiment therefore resumes under the same conditions even

when interrupted by a (short) lack of power.

All Snake incubators are standard equipped with ; a glass observe window in outer door, a glass (heat prove) inner door, forced air circulation, a fluorescent lamp, 50 mm test port and 4 casters.

Outer door with no observe window is also possible.