Direct heat incubator Dragon Series 80 liters






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Direct heat incubator Dragon Series 80 liters

artnr: ZHZXDPB2080

The DRAGON serie, provided by Labwit, offers an economical incubation method to a variety of micro-organism cultures. As a standard feature, all incubators have a high-tech microprocessor controller that maintains accurate temperature control (PID) of the chamber in the range of ambient +5°C to 65°C with an accuracy of ±0.1°C.

A user-friendly sealed control panel allows easy digital setting and fast readout of time and temperature as

well as an alarm signal if there is a deviation from set point parameters.

The DRAGON processor can store max. 9 programs -18 steps- into a “non-violate” memory. Programs can be used for running multiple "ramp and soak" cycles, or for just running at one temperature for a given time, switching automatically to another temperature for any other given time. Each program may repeat itself automatically up to max.99 times. Of course the incubators can also be used as a constant (one) temperature incubator.